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亚搏app游戏app登录|卡纳瓦罗新左后卫方案有待考验 循序渐进用韦世豪

  Source: Football News 


   From falling behind to equalizing, and then from equalizing to overtaking, the victory was finally locked. Although Evergrande went through twists and turns in the first game, it finally achieved the result he wanted with a 3-1 victory.


Four days later, Evergrande and China met again. The "Golden Retriever Lion" Wei Shihao rushed to increase the confidence of the defending champion to advance. However, Evergrande still cannot sit back and relax. In addition to keeping the team's attention and avoiding the ditch overturning, it has to Solve the two old problems: the left backs are suffering from injuries and Talisca is still in a difficult state, and then expect Wei Shihao to continue to have a good performance.四天后,恒大和中国再次相遇。 “金毛狮子”卫世豪急于增加卫冕冠军前进的信心。然而,恒大仍然不能坐下来放松。除了保持团队注意力并避免沟渠翻倒之外,它还必须解决两个老问题:左后背受伤,塔利斯卡仍然处于困境,然后期望魏世浩继续保持良好的表现。 。



   Compared to Wei Shihao's performance after Wu Shaocong came on the bench, the overall performance of the foreign players is more average, especially Taliska is still asleep. In the first round against Evergrande and China, Cannavaro definitely wanted to play a more controlled midfield style around Talisca in the first half, but the performance of the 11 starting players was indeed unsatisfactory.


"Seeking truth from facts, the players did not have confidence on the court in the first half, and the pace of entering the game was very slow. The most important thing was that the ball was not resolute enough, which caused the offense to be unsmooth. I was planning for the second half after the ball. At that time, I already had how to play," Cannavaro commented after the game.


But fortunately, Kashuai turned the bow in time in the second half and dispatched four more powerful players, Wei Shihao, Fernando, Xu Xin and Wu Shaocong, to play. Finally, as China’s physical fitness gradually declined, he broke the opponent’s defense and completed A wonderful reversal.


   Cannavaro’s ability and determination to make adjustments on the spot are commendable, but the question that remains is, when will Talisca’s state return to its peak?


   But in fact, this problem has been haunting Evergrande since Talisca returned from a serious injury last season.


The line of fire joined in the 2018 season and almost helped Evergrande overturn the leading SIPG and grab the Chinese Super League championship trophy with the help of the gods’ down-to-earth performance. Under the restrictions of foreign aid in the first doubles of the 2019 season, the team carried the AFC and the Chinese Super League side by side. Within a period of time, Talisca played 30 times for Evergrande in the Chinese Super League and the AFC Champions League, scoring 27 goals and sending 8 assists. His performance can be described as awe-inspiring, and he was even called him by the Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng at the time. Curry".


   However, the serious injury in 2019 completely changed Taliska's trajectory. During the period when Talisca returned to Brazil to recuperate, many changes have taken place in the Hengdaquan team. Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu led the new generation to gradually start to shine. Naturalized players came one after another, and Cannavaro changed the original team. Play.


After Talisca returned from injury, Cannavaro has been under pressure and constantly gave him a chance to recover in the game. Although there were highlights such as the AFC away game against Kashima Antlers and the key goal for promotion, he has repeatedly played Poor performance is still criticized by the outside world, and Evergrande’s record decline at that time also led to the "Kashuai in class" incident.


Fortunately, at the end of the season, Talisca scored twice to help Evergrande keep the key basic set of the Chinese Super League, and once let the voice of doubt disappear, but in the special 2020 season, compared to the return of the same line of fire Paulinho, Taliska's performance this season is still less than 30% of his peak period, so far this season, Taliska handed over data only 12 games, 3 goals and 1 assist.


   Expectation is great, disappointment will be great.


   Cannavaro also said that Talisca had completely solved the injury problem during the previous intermittent period. After two months of training with the team, his physical condition has returned to a good level. But the outside world wants to see the Guangzhou Tower, which has once pierced Yang with a hundred steps, can provide Evergrande with greater help in the Chinese Super League and AFC championships, rather than being replaced at halftime.






   Although Taliska has not recovered his form, the blond hair he dyed for Wei Shihao brought good luck to Wei Shihao who returned from injury.


   Since the fifth round of the Chinese Super League, Wei Shihao has been plagued by thigh injuries since he came off the bench and scored two goals. Although he was close to comeback several times, repeated injuries have kept him from playing. The scoring data can only stay at 6 goals.


   Even if Li Tie knows that he is injured, he still wants to put Wei Shihao into the national team, he knows the high expectations of the outside world. When Wei Shihao also played against China in the first game, he starred in the best script for a player's comeback, turning the tide for the team. It is worth mentioning that before Wei Shihao returned, he only participated in three joint trainings with the team.


Now Wei Shihao has scored 7 goals, but he can reach this data in only 6 games. It can be said that he is one of the most efficient strikers this season. Although it is not easy to catch up with Bakambu’s 13 goals, he has become The local top scorer is not difficult, and his competitors are teammate Exon who scored 6 goals and the former big brother Gao Lin who scored 5 goals. Wei Shihao himself didn't have any special feelings about the number of goals, he only said: "As long as the team wins the championship."


Cannavaro’s perspective on his lover is different. "Considering the problem as a whole, Wei Shihao now knows when he can give the team the most help. I am very strict with him. His position has foreign aid and naturalized players. ."

卡纳瓦罗对情人的看法是不同的。 “从整体上考虑问题,魏世浩现在知道他什么时候可以为球队提供最大的帮助。我对他非常严格。他的位置有外援和入籍球员。”

   As long as he can revitalize the frontcourt, according to Evergrande’s current ability, coupled with the increasingly superb shooting skills this season, it is not difficult for Wei Shihao to continue to score goals.




   For Evergrande, there is one more thing to solve, which is the left-back problem that has plagued for a long time.


   In the first half stoppage time of the first game against China, Micro Motion and Yin Hongbo crashed into each other during a high ball scramble. As a result, he was injured and replaced by young player Wu Shaocong.


After being treated by the team doctor on a stretcher, Gao Zhunyi got up and walked a few steps on his own. After seeing this, teammate Liu Yiming directly returned Gao Zhunyi to the locker room. After the game, the initial diagnosis was a right knee injury.


After several days of recuperation, Micro Motion Wing’s injury was not serious enough to leave the competition area for treatment, but the Evergrande medical team has been closely monitoring his right knee injury. After all, a knee injury is a career for a football player. For the sake of safety, the second round of avoiding the war and China is not an accident.


   Evergrande's left-back's difficulty has been a heart disease of Cannavaro since Li Xuepeng was injured last season. Li Xuepeng has also been training with the team before, and hopes to make a comeback in the championship game.


   At present, with both the main force and the first temporary worker injured, Cannavaro needs to find a solution, and his current temporary choice is 20-year-old Wu Shaocong.


   Wu Shaocong returned from Japan last year. Since then, Cannavaro has begun to transform the 1.92 meter tall young player, letting him change from center back to left back. And Wu Shaocong himself also practiced his footwork every day, ready to be called up by the coach. Huangtian paid off. In the first stage of the Super League, Wu Shaocong got the chance to play, including the 8th round against Shenhua and the 14th round.


But when he came to the championship group where life and death was a matter of life and death, he still chose this young man to play the role when he fell behind. This shows Cannavaro's trust in this young man, "I like him very much, he is very serious, training He has a serious attitude. He has been with me for a long time. When he first came, he couldn't bear the rhythm, confrontation and intensity. Now he can finish the Chinese Super League."


   Wu Shaocong also did not live up to Cannavaro's trust. He picked up the ball and dropped the knife and blew the counterattack horn for Evergrande to equalize the score. It is worth mentioning that, in a warm-up match before the season, Evergrande defeated China 1-0 in Celestial Body, and the scoring player was still Wu Shaocong.