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"We are used to playing in front of the 81,000 fans at home. Now we have to play in an empty stadium wit亚搏app游戏app登录hout such an atmosphere. This is of course a big challenge. To fully adapt to the empty game environment, this It’s impossible.” It turns out that Favre’s pre-match worry is superfluous. Ruald, who has no live audience, is as exciting as ever. His disciples seem to be more comfortable with the atmosphere of the empty game, Harland and Xiao Ah. Zal made merits, Guerrero scored twice, the yellow and black teams completed a high-quality game, and the suspense about the Bundesliga championship this season continues.

“我们习惯在家里的81,000名球迷面前玩游戏。现在我们必须在没有这种气氛的空旷的体育场中比赛。这当然是一个巨大的挑战。要完全适应空旷的游戏环境,这是不可能的。 ”事实证明,法弗尔的赛前担忧是多余的,没有现场观众的鲁尔德(Ruald)像以往一样令人兴奋,他的弟子似乎对空旷的比赛氛围(哈兰德(Harland)和小阿(Xiao Ah))更加满意。格雷罗进了两次球,黄色和黑色的球队完成了一场高质量的比赛,本赛季德甲冠军的悬念仍在继续。

The Bundesliga has been suspended for more than two months due to the epidemic, and there are big doubts about the players' competitive state, physical reserves and tactical execution. The first game after the restart of the league is full of challenges for all teams. How to choose pragmatic tactics and rationally allocate the physical fitness of the main players will become the key to affecting the trend of the game. Before the offseason, Dortmund maintained a good momentum in the league, and the arrival of Harland gave the team a new vitality. The league restarts, Favre’s team needs a victory to continue the winning rhythm. The main players such as Royce, Emre-Can and Witsel missed the start due to injury, and Sancho, who had just recovered, was also retained as Back hand, but the home team's determination to strive for three points has not been shaken.

德甲联赛由于这一流行病而被停赛了两个多月,人们对球员的竞技状态,身体储备和战术执行能力存在很大的怀疑。联赛重启后的第一场比赛对所有球队都充满了挑战。如何选择务实的策略,合理分配主要球员的身体素质,将成为影响游戏潮流的关键。在休赛期之前,多特蒙德在联盟中保持了良好的发展势头,而哈兰德的到来为球队带来了亚搏体育网网址新的活力。联赛重新开始,法夫尔的球队需要胜利才能继续制胜的节奏。 Royce,Emre-Can和Witsel等主要球员因伤错过了比赛的开局,刚刚康复的Sancho也被保留为后手,但主队争取三分的决心并未动摇。

The formation structure of the two teams is relatively similar. Dortmund has better pass control ability, the frontcourt players cooperate with each other and the offensive efficiency is higher. In control of the ball at home (up to 65% in the first half), Dortmund revolved around the center to make full use of the depth of the field, and strive to quickly pass through the midfield to create one-on-one opportunities for attackers. Schalke 04 did not play conservatively. The team invested heavily in the offensive but failed to create much threat. The return rate of wing guards and central midfielders was very low. This is very important when facing Dortmund who has a strong counterattack ability. fatal.


After the opening, Schalke 04's performance was relatively positive. Wagner's 343 formation was 3-1-5-1 in the offensive advancement stage, McKenney appeared in front of the defense, and Zelda's position was relatively high. The overall appearance is a bit top-heavy, the forward channel of the midfielder is cut off by the opponent, and the offensive advancement depends more on the pass from the side. Under the pressure of Dortmund’s frontcourt players, Schalke 04’s guard line is relatively behind, and the midfielders did not actively retreat. In addition, the frontcourt lacks players who are good at back-to-back long passes. The offense is passing through the midfield. There is a high risk of stealing the ball.


After Paco left the team, Favre put aside the 4231 formation, focusing on the three-centre system. After Harland joined, Royce was injured for a long time, Favre did not change the team's formation structure. In the game that has ended, Schalke 04’s main lineup is 4312, with Amin Ali at the top of the diamond is the absolute core, and the three-center-back system is only an alternative (mostly when Ali is absent). In the three-back system, Amin Ali is facing Pishcek, who is a full-back, at the left inside forward position, and he will encounter the tough draenei on the path of the attack. In the first half, the Moroccan had an inside breakthrough to create a free kick, but he was quickly restricted by the experienced Dortmund guard.

帕科(Paco)离开车队后,法弗(Favre)放弃了4231编队,专注于三中心系统。在Harland加入后,Royce长期受伤,Favre并没有改变球队的编队结构。在已经结束的游戏中,沙尔克04队的主要阵容是4312,而阿明·阿里(Amin Ali)在钻石的顶部是绝对核心,而三中后卫系统只是一个选择(大多数情况下是在阿里缺席的情况下)。在三分卫系统中,阿明·阿里在左前内侧位置面对全能后卫皮什切克,他将在进攻路线上遇到强硬的德莱尼人。在上半场,摩洛哥人取得了一次内线突破,创造了任意球,但他很快就被经验丰富的多特蒙德后卫所限制。

Dortmund attacked the right wing. The connection between Schalke 04's players on this side was severed. Ochipka seemed to be in a dilemma. It was difficult for Amin Ali to get enough support. The frontcourt of the 343 formation requires at least two players with the ability to hold the ball or to attack independently (refer to the 343 of the Kong-style Blues). Amin Ali is restricted. Raman and Kalijuri do not have organizational skills. Jerda also cannot share the core pressure, Schalke 04's offensive efficiency is very low.

多特蒙德进攻右翼。沙尔克04球员在这一侧的联系被切断。奥希普卡似乎陷入了困境。阿敏·阿里(Amin Ali)很难获得足够的支持。 343阵型的前场至少需要两名具有持球或独立进攻能力的球员(请参阅Kong-style Blues的343)。阿明·阿里(Amin Ali)受限制。 Raman和Kalijuri没有组织能力。耶尔达也不能分担核心压力,沙尔克04的进攻效率很低。

Amin Ali's position is relatively fixed, while Dortmund's "No. 10" Brandt has a higher tactical freedom. Last season, the injuries of Ashraf and Royce led to the collapse of Dortmund's double line. The team introduced Schultz and Brandt in the summer window to fill these loopholes. So far, Schultz has not been able to show his performance during the Hoffenheim period and failed to shake Guerrero's main position. Rumours that Dortmund is about to sell the German international have been circulating. Did not appear in the position of the best wing guard, Schultz’s loss was related to his “professional” attribute, and Brandt was able to find a place in the rotation of the Yellow-Black Army because he was willing to accept transformation and Strong adaptability.

阿明·阿里(Amin Ali)的职位相对固定,而多特蒙德(Dortmund)的“十号”布兰特(勃兰特)具有更高的战术自由度。上个赛季,阿什拉夫(Ashraf)和罗伊斯(Royce)的受伤导致多特蒙德(Dortmund)的双线崩溃。该团队在夏季窗口中介绍了舒尔茨和布兰特,以填补这些漏洞。到目前为止,舒尔茨未能在霍芬海姆时期表现出他的表现,也未能动摇格雷罗的主要位置。关于多特蒙德即将出售德国国脚的传言不断流传。没有出现在最佳边锋的位置上,舒尔茨的失利与他的“专业”属性有关,布兰特能够在黄黑军队的轮换中找到一席之地,因为他愿意接受变革和强大的适应能力。

Since the 2015/16 season, there has been a wave of three central defenders in the Bundesliga. At that time, the top two teams broke the league points record one after another, and the middle and lower teams had to adopt a three-back/five-back strategy to strengthen defense. Schalke 04 unexpectedly won the league runner-up under Tedesco, relying on a tough defense built on top of three central defenders. The young marshal tilted resources to the defensive end and paid the price of offensive inefficiency. Wagner was known for his emphasis on defense when he was in charge of Harbin, but Schalke 04 under his command seems to be more interested in offense. There is a lack of response between the two central midfielders, and the presence of the two inside forwards is not strong when defending. Schalke 04's midfielder does not play a role in delaying the opponent's attack, and it is difficult to protect the central defender in the process of retreating.


Due to Haaland's strong interleaving ability, Schalke 04's three central defenders paid great attention to mutual protection in defense. It was often Salif Sane who restricted the Norwegian's back to take the ball, Todibo and Na. Stasic also adducted and protected behind him. Although this move can delay Dortmund's first wave of offensive, it also led to too much defensive space on the sides. It was difficult for Kenny and Ochipka to return in time after assists. Only McKenney could barely fill up. Ashraf and Guerrero's assist channels were unimpeded. The visiting team's three center backs could hardly resist Dortmund's five "forwards".

由于哈兰德强大的交织能力,沙尔克04队的三名中后卫非常重视防御中的相互保护。通常是Salif Sane限制了挪威人的后背Todibo和Na拿球。 Stasic也在他身后加成并受到保护。尽管此举可以推迟多特蒙德的第一波进攻,但也导致双方的防守空间过多。肯尼和奥奇普卡在助攻后很难及时返回。只有麦肯尼几乎无法填补。阿什拉夫(Ashraf)和格雷罗(Guerrero)的助攻渠道没有受到阻碍。客队的三个中后卫几乎无法抗拒多特蒙德的五个“前锋”。

The increase in the number of substitutions means that the coach can adopt a larger substitution adjustment earlier to change the game, which is more advantageous than the teams that are behind. After changing sides, Wagner replaced Matondo and Burgstall and changed four guards to strengthen the attack. Unlike Harland, who has a strong running ability, Burgstadler has a relatively small range of activities, and his foot skills and mobility are relatively mediocre. It is difficult to form adequate support for his midfielder and wing teammates. Matondo and Kenny’s cooperation on the wing several times was abandoned because they were outnumbered. Schalke 04’s offensive players unconsciously gathered in the center and cooperated around Burgstadt, which provided Dortmund with a steal and counterattack. Opportunity.

换人次数的增加意味着教练可以更早地采用更大的换人调整来改变比赛方式,这比后面的球队更具优势。换面后,瓦格纳(Wagner)取代了马通多(Matondo)和伯格斯特(Burgstall),并更换了四名后卫以加强进攻。与哈兰德(Harland)具有较强的奔跑能力不同,伯格斯塔德勒(Burgstadler)的活动范围相对较小,他的脚部技能和活动能力也相对中等。很难为他的中场和边路队友提供足够的支持。 Matondo和Kenny在机翼上的合作数次被放弃,因为他们的人数不多。沙尔克04的进攻球员在不知不觉中聚集在中心,并在伯格斯塔特周围合作,这为多特蒙德提供了一次抢断和反击。机会。

In the 48th and 63rd minutes, Dortmund scored two consecutive counterattacks. Harland played a key role in both attacks and demonstrated the excellent skill of the all-round center. At this stage, Harland has entered the sequence of a first-class striker, and the unrestrained style of Salzburg and Dortmund has given him a good support. However, combined with Haaland's second round match against Paris in the Champions League, it can be seen that Haaland's ability to rely on physique in the frontcourt to suppress defenders needs to be improved, and he still needs time to accumulate more game experience.


In recent seasons, Dortmund has repeatedly performed abnormally in key battles, and the coach and players' ability to withstand pressure has been questioned. In the just past offseason, Dortmund hired a sports psychology expert to cooperate with the coaching staff. Judging from the players' relaxed performance in this game, the work of psychologists seems to have had a good effect. While smashing the mortal enemy’s "fighting for four" plan, while continuing their own hopes for the title, the state of many young players does not seem to be affected by the offseason. Favre’s team has gained a lot in this Ruudby. Abundance.